Khắc Phục Lỗi POST MODE Điện Thoại Fanvil

Mô tả

Issue: When plug power, console screen show POST Mode or press # while booting your phone.


1)    Prepare ftp server, such as Filezilia Server.

2)    Create ftp user account, user password and add path for Fanvil firmware.




3)    Install telnet client in your windows OS.

4)    Connect Fanvil and PC with LAN port.

5)    Set PC IP between, for example



6)    Telnet (Fanvil default LAN port IP)

7)    Input 3 to clean console configuration.

8)    Input 2 to update Firmware via ftp

9)    After input 2, you need input ftp server IP, firmware file name, ftp login username and password. Such as following picture.